Planning your Singapore itinerary? Wondering where to find the best local food, buy the popular souvenirs or try the fun activities while in Singapore?  Read Royal Plaza Group’s blog as we share free tips on what to eat, do and buy in Singapore! From the shops to grab last-minute gifts while on a business trip to the myriad of must-try local food you should try during your vacation in Singapore, we have all the insiders’ suggestions and reviews for you!


Top 5 Indoor Activities to do this weekend for everyone

The Film Buff: Catch an old movie in an old-school setting at The Projector If you’ve never heard of The Projector, be prepared for a unique movie experience on your ...
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“Call Me Patrick!” Meet the General Manager of Royal Plaza on Scotts

At first glance, Mr. Patrick Fiat, General Manager and CEO (Chief Experience Officer, mind you) of Royal Plaza on Scotts, already looks approachable. The French gentleman wears a warm smile ...
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Meet the Eyes and Ears of Royal Plaza on Scotts!

Ever heard the catchphrase “the walls have ears”? We certainly have, and we’re beginning to think the origins of this phrase come from the need for safety and security in ...
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10 things to love about Royal Plaza on Scotts

Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore – what more can we tell you about the hotel that you do not already know? Truth be told, we’ve been lucky enough to get ...
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The Chef, hats off – Behind the Scenes with our Chef, Aaron

Carousel buffet is one of the most well-known buffet restaurants in Singapore, having been voted Singapore’s Best Buffet Restaurant by AsiaOne for 6 consecutive years. Many of you would have ...
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Behind the Scenes at Royal Plaza on Scotts – As a Guest Services Manager

With 511 non-smoking rooms and an award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel, it is easy for Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore to be summarised as such. Ever wondered what goes on behind ...
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5 reasons why we love the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

For those who have experienced Singapore’s Formula 1 Grand Prix at least once, chances are your first thought would be: What’s not to love? Photo Credit: F1 Weekends Not only ...
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Be a traveller, not a tourist – 6 cultural gems in Singapore

Photo Credit: Richard Seaman Singapore prides herself on food and shopping, but we also take pride in our multi-cultural society. As free time is a gold mine, some people spend ...
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Every Traveller’s Guide to Souvenir Shopping in SG

Photo Credit: The Little Drom Store Cracking your head over what to bring back for your family after a trip to Singapore? Gone are the days when a simple keychain ...
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Singapore – Where 50 years have brought us, and how to celebrate it

Today marks the start of, to the joy of many Singaporeans, the SG50 long weekend. Announced in March 2015, 7th of August was declared a holiday as part of Singapore’s ...
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Our Top Picks: 5 Best Attractions in Singapore

Dear readers, this week we’re sharing our top picks with you on the best attractions there are in Singapore (that even the locals adore). Truth be told, it’s a long ...
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Top 10 Must-Try Food in Singapore (Part. 2)

Kaya Toast and soft boiled eggs It sure is true what they say – sometimes the bare necessities will do. Don’t believe us? Strolling around the neighbourhood of Royal Plaza ...
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Singapore Laksa Yong Tau Foo, Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

Top 10 Must-Try Food in Singapore (Part. 1)

So from our first post on the 10 things that every visitor needs to know about Singapore, you’ve probably already gathered that Singapore is practically a Food Paradise. Really, this ...
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New Year Countdown at Marina Bay

10 Things you need to know about Singapore (Part. 2)

So, you have seen the first five facts you need to know about Singapore last week. As promised, we have compiled another five essential facts you need to know. Photo ...
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10 Things you need to know about Singapore (Part. 1)

Many of you have already heard wonderful things (we hope) about the little red dot – the food we have, the attractions that shouldn’t be missed, the all-year-round sunny weather ...
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