Top 10 Must-Try Food in Singapore (Part. 2)

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  1. Kaya Toast and soft boiled eggs
It sure is true what they say – sometimes the bare necessities will do. Don’t believe us? Strolling around the neighbourhood of Royal Plaza on Scotts, you’re bound to chance upon this dish more often than you’d think. Kaya Toast and soft boiled eggs are probably the most basic, old school breakfast dishes that even our parents and grandparents would have enjoyed. Simply put, this is the breakfast dish that has transcended time.I kid you not. Every coffee shop (in hawker centres) has this dish, and in Orchard alone, famous shops like Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toast Box, Good Morning Nanyang Café all serve this popular dish. Of course, over time, the varieties of toast have gotten more fanciful, including butter and sugar options from Ya Kun or ciabatta options with thick toast from Good Morning Nanyang Café. Still, you’ll never fail to see the “traditional toast set” option from these shops. That is the true bestseller – without it, the others would not succeed. Singapore-Food-Durian-Royal-Plaza-on-Scotts-Credits-chooyutshing Photo credit: Chooyutshing
  1. Durian (King of Fruit)
As we progress in life, we are bound to come across certain things in life that we may or may not like doing. Over time, we come to accept that this is part and parcel of life. However, there is one fruit that the people in Singapore disagree on. You will find a constant war ongoing – the Durian lovers versus the Durian haters.Judging from the current influx of “durian feast” photos flooding various social media platforms, it is safe to say that there are possibly more Durian Lovers than Durian Haters. Love or hate this fruit, Durian is, without argument, the King of all fruits in Singapore. It is treated as a gourmet dish – you will never see a family taking a selfie with a bunch of apples or oranges. Durians are treated differently and as such are sometimes priced extravagantly due to the different grades. During the Durian season (which is coming to an end now), it is almost traditional for a family of Durian lovers to reunite over a few good Mao Shan Wang durians. Mao Shan Wang in Chinese literally translates to Cat Mountain King and is priced at around $18 per kg ideally. This is possibly the most premium type of durian in Singapore and Durian lovers adore this. Not to be missed when you come to Singapore! Singapore-Roti-Prata-Royal-Plaza-on-Scotts
  1. Roti Prata
Roti Prata originates from Indian pancake recipes and is a hot favourite in both Singapore and Malaysia. For those who have never tried it, Roti Prata is a fried flour-based pancake that is often served with curry. Like the kaya toast with eggs, it is a classic local favourite and can be eaten in several different ways.Roti Prata can be eaten with cheese, banana, mushroom, egg and even onions. There are variations like Murtabak (where the prata is stuffed), tissue prata (where the prata is thinner and coated with sugar). Personally, the writer of this article enjoys tissue prata, or dipping the classic prata kosong (meaning zero in Malay, or simple and plain, with no additional ingredients) in chicken curry and sugar. I have been informed it is a strange choice… but what say the rest of you? Singapore-Rojak-Carousel-Royal-Plaza-on-Scotts
  1. Rojak
Quite similar to the nature of our multi-cultural society in Singapore, Rojak literally means “Mixture” in Malay. It is a really popular dish locally, but also commonly enjoyed in both Malaysia and Indonesia. A vegetable and fruit based salad, Rojak served in Singapore usually contains tofu, prawns, potatoes, eggs and youtiao (a kind of fried Chinese dough fritters). The latter is a popular food item among Children, especially – you will find that many of them pick out this item from a plate of rojak in the same way they would pick out the crackers in traditional Chinese yusheng (a dish served during the Lunar New Year for prosperity).The dressing for Rojak is typically a very thick peanut sauce that can be quite sweet and spicy, depending on the Rojak. There are sometimes roasted peanuts mixed in too, so that there is a little crunch to the local dish.  Photo credit:
  1. Ice cream bread
For those of you who have never been to Singapore or tried one of our childhood favourites, this particular heading would confuse you – does the bread taste like ice cream, or is it the other way around? Let’s clear your doubts for you…It’s ice cream… IN BREAD! It’s literally an ice cream sandwich! Many of us have gotten this from the occasional ice cream man wandering through our neighbourhood, but we’re so excited that this is now available in Orchard! We’ve noticed King’s Ice Cream cart roaming around Orchard Road, just steps away from Royal Plaza on Scotts! If you catch sight of him on your trip to Singapore, be sure to try one of our most iconic ice cream sandwiches. Be adventurous and opt for the homemade ice-cream which comes with attap seeds and peanuts.Trust us, it’s worth the (temporary) brain freeze.That concludes our top 10 MUST-TRY food in Singapore! Did you catch our first five tips? Get the full list here now!Singapore Hotel View Offers
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