A Visual Guide to Our Fiery New Deluxe Rooms

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A picture paints a thousand words. So, we’re going easy on the text and diving straight into the visuals as we bring you on a journey through Royal Plaza on Scotts’ new deluxe rooms.


The room’s colour palette, dominated by earthy hues of mocha and stone,
creates a relaxing atmosphere you'll feel the moment you enter

The neutral tones are echoed throughout the space - from the curtains and walls to the furniture -
- contrasting the vibrant pop of rouge in the sofa upholstery and carpet
Wood accents in the tucked away closet introduce clean lines and crisp finishes
while maintaining a minimalist vibe
Soft ceiling lights illuminate the room while creating an inviting ambience -
- and accent lights above the bed and work desk add an instant brightness to the room when needed
Wall pieces of Singapore’s old shophouses incorporate a sense of the locale, and add a
nostalgic yet contemporary graphic element to the scheme
Leave your bulky travel adapters at home!
Every room has at least three USB wall sockets for you to charge your electronic devices
Some things will always remain classics -
A steaming rain shower and rejuvenating citrus soaps for a restorative shower experience -
- waking up to the uplifting scent of a freshly-brewed gourmet cuppa in the comfort of your room -
- and being able to check yourself out, making sure you're #OOTD-ready before you leave
(all our Deluxe Rooms have a full-length mirror by the entrance)
Hanging “Please Clean Me” signs are so passé -
with just a simple flip of a switch, our housekeeping team will get the job done
Why choose between comfort and aesthetics when you can have both?
- End -


We’ll be taking you along our makeover journey with more visual walk-throughs around our hotel, and unravelling more titbits on how we're going to #colouryourstay. If there’s something you’re particularly interested in learning more about, give us a shout via Facebook or Instagram - we’d love to hear from you!


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