Our Hotel Makeover Story

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We’ve come a long way since our beginnings (if anyone’s counting, it’s been a good 44 years).  

This 2018, we’re undergoing yet another awesome makeover. Today, you lucky readers will get a sneak peek into the exciting new Royal Plaza on Scotts – which we can’t wait for you to see and experience!

A Pop of Colour

We want to Colour Your Stay from the moment you enter our hotel till the second you fall asleep on our oh-so-comfy Simmons Dream beds.


For starters, we’ll spice up your room with a refreshing new colour palette - featuring a pleasing neutral tone with pops of bright hues such as lush crimson and butterscotch yellow. The iconic stained glass ceiling in our grand hotel lobby will be replaced with a new work of art – even our marketing material and Chief Experience Officers’ (CEOs’) uniforms will get an exciting update!


The City is Our Muse


Singapore’s known for many things.


Having a multiracial and multicultural identity.

Being one of the richest countries in the world.

Enjoying diverse dining options and a bustling hawker scene.


And it’s these unique bits and pieces of Singapore that inspires our transformation. From the art decor  in every guest room to the Go Local themed tea breaks (think your favourite snacks and treats from the different races of Singapore!), we’ll share the best sights, sounds and taste of the locale throughout our hotel.


Fun is A State of Mind

When we were kids, the slightest pleasures like watching muffins rise in the oven and feeling cotton candy melt in our mouth would spark our curiosity and make us grin from ear to ear.


That’s the feeling we want to create for you – to excite your imagination and see your faces light up with pure glee for every moment during your stay at Royal Plaza on Scotts. To blow your mind with a delightful experience from every interaction you share with our CEOs.


Credit: Nerdo


How? We’ll be working towards creating more immersive experiences and introducing more curated guides to Singapore and our neighbourhoods – so you can truly experience life like a local instead of being a visitor that views the city from the outside – even when you're staying in the heart of Orchard Road.


New Look, New Vibes - but Same Spectacular Service

Yeap, it does sound like we’re going through quite a bit of change. But if it’s one thing that we won’t be changing, it’ll be our people.


We believe in and live by our mantra - that “Happy Staff Makes Happy Guests".


When you visit and stay with us, we want you to feel like you’re meeting your old friends because at the heart of our service, is a sense of camaraderie and wholehearted friendliness and fun we strive to create and provide.


Credit: mr-gif


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