Lights Out – Best places to go after dark

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Can’t sleep? Finding the night still young?Fret not – we’ve got a quick guide right here on the best places you can go after dark! Yes, insomniacs – this post is for you.Singapore_Marina_BayPhoto Credit: Visual BanquetFirst on the list – where do you shop when you need something after midnight?
  1. To shop
Our first recommendation: Mustafa Shopping Centre, located at 145 Syed Alwi Road, accessible from Farrer Park MRT station or Little India MRT station. This shopping mall is perfect even if you’re looking for something to buy during the day. It offers almost everything from cosmetics to electronic products, snacks and even textiles. Plus, most of them are available at a decent price that is often comparatively cheaper to what is offered in other malls. We heard from our guests that this is the best place to buy exotic spices such as saffron.mustafa-centre Photo Credit TripAdvisor Photo Credit: TripAdvisorThe best part? This mall is open 24 hours every day, round the clock!Consider checking out the Chinatown Night Market, which is open till 1am on weekends and public holidays. Orchard Central also comes highly recommended for late night shopping – there are dining options there, too!
  1. To view
If you’re looking for a romantic spot or just a beautiful area to unwind with a drink or two in hand, why not do so where there’s a beautiful view available?henderson-waves-singapore The Singapore Chiro Photo Credit: The Singapore ChiroThis beautiful bridge is the famous Henderson Waves Bridge. As sunset approaches, visitors gather to admire the view, and the bridge itself, which features LED lighting from 7pm to 2am every night. This is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, which gives you a bird’s eye view that gets even more interesting after dark. Definitely not one to miss!Esplanade Outdoor Theatre Photo Credit: EsplanadeIf you’re more of a city skyline person, try the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre – it’s just by the bay and is lit up by beautiful lights at night. Just grab a seat along the ledges facing the water, or listen to some tunes if a band is playing! The rooftop garden at Orchard Central is also a great find – Orchard night lights (yes, around the hotel, too) can be breath-taking, too.
  1. To sing your heart out
So singing along to a Karaoke TV set is probably the next favourite thing for us to do, especially when we're in big groups of friends, or families. Familiar Karaoke venues that have been frequented and are commonly heard would include KBox, Party World, and, our personal favourite, Teo Heng!Teo-Heng-KTV Photo Credit Teo HengPhoto Credit: Teo HengThis is the best place for both students and families, because it is extremely wallet friendly. Teo Heng Karaoke rates are well-known among locals for being one of the cheapest ones available in Singapore. You get charged based on the room of your choice, and not per person. They open till 2am on Saturdays and till 1am on all other days.Psst... like us, they offer free Wi-Fi at all outlets!
  1. To munch
Supper places in Singapore are abundant. After all, this is the land where a standard greeting consists of asking the fellow local if he or she has eaten.Lau Pa Sat - SG Live Music Photo Credit: SG Live MusicWhere would the foodies recommend? There are countless suggestions and lists that have been written, and we even asked our associates what they thought. Wonder what they recommended? View our vlog here!Our personal favourite and top recommendation would be Lau Pa Sat – that’s 24 hours’ worth of delicious local food, history and design blended in to one authentic experience. You won’t go wrong here.What’s your favourite place to visit after dark in Singapore? Tell us your favourite night-life spot in the bustling city – we want to know!
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