Quirky Ice Cream Flavours

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Chocolates, strawberry or vanilla flavours… These are nothing compared to unique ice cream flavours you can try in Singapore. Our home-grown ice cream artisans have fused together local flavours and the ice cold treat to concoct the most unique composition around the island.Here are some flavours that we have gathered!Chilli Crab/Black Pepper Crabchilli-crab-lack-pepper-crabPhoto Credit: Burpple/Shawn LohYes, we are talking about Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab ice cream here. Such unthinkable flavours as ice-creams can be quite mind-blowing. As they are considered novelty food, they are very popular amongst young daredevils! Despite being novelty, the quality of the ice cream is high!Where can you find this? Mingle Mangle. 476 Upper Serangoon View #02-07, S(530476)Opening hours? Mon – Thurs 1pm-10pm (Closed on Tuesday) | Fri 1pm-11pm | Sat 12pm-11pm |Sun 12pm-10pm Grape Yakult Yoghurtgrape-yakult-yoghurtPhoto Credit: Little Day OutForget about those superficial additive-tasting ice-creams; try the Grape Yakult Yoghurt sorbet at Merely Ice Cream. Made with natural Greek yoghurt and the popular grape-flavoured Yakult drink (probiotic cultured milk drink), this sorbet is light and refreshing, much like your frozen yoghurt, which is a great treat in this humidity.Where can you find this? Merely Ice Cream.  91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza, S(189652)Opening hours? Mon – Sat 12-11pm | Sunday Closed oKAYAlah!SONY DSCPhoto Credit: LadyironchefoKAYAlah! is a kaya-flavoured ice cream, which is full of flavour deriving from the richness of the eggs and coconut, giving the ice cream a strong aroma. With a consistency like Kaya spread, I wouldn’t mind replacing my morning jam spread with this if given a choice!Where can you find this? The Daily Scoop. 1 Zubir Said Dr #01-03 School Of The Arts, S(227968)Opening hours? Sun - Thurs 11am-10pm | Fri-Sun 11am-10.30pm Soya Gingersoya-gingerPhoto Credit: Tom’s PaletteThis flavour is one of a kind! The Soya Ginger Ice Cream is another unique concoction you will find at Tom’s Palette. With the taste of soy beancurd, a local dessert, as the main note of the ice cream, the addition of ginger-infused gula melaka (palm sugar) sauce makes it more wholesome and oddly-satisfying!Where can you find this? Tom’s Palette. 100 Beach Rd #01-25 Shaw Tower, S(189702).Opening hours? Mon-Thurs 12-9.30pm | Fri-Sat 12-10pm | Sunday 1-7pm (Closed on the last Sunday of the month) Soy Saucesoy-sauce-ice-cream-cr-instagramPhoto Credit: Instagram|iamnotrachelSoy Sauce, an everyday condiment that you find in your kitchen is no longer a supplement to your mains, but the star of this unique ice cream. The colour of the sauce gives off a brown hue to the ice cream. Looking a little like your typical chocolate ice cream, you will find the ice cream as much a delight, with a soy sauce caramel base sprinkled with bits of salted chocolate bark and sesame seeds.Where can you find this? Tom’s Palette. 100 Beach Rd #01-25 Shaw Tower, S(189702)Opening hours? Mon-Thurs 12-9.30pm | Fri-Sat 12-10pm | Sunday 1-7pm (Closed on the last Sunday of the month) 

Or if you are looking for something savoury, try Tom's Palette's buttery smooth Salted Egg Yolk ice cream which is pretty popular among the locals!

Just a little tip…roadside-ice-cream-cr-the-new-paperPhoto Credit: The New PaperLooking for more local ice creams? You can find them at ice cream push-cart stores along the Orchard Road shopping belt, just steps from where Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel is located! Indulge in these local ice creams with biscuit or a slice of colourful bread to have a full authentic Singapore experience!ice-cream-biscuitPhoto Credit: Foodspottingbread-cr-foodinthemouthPhoto Credit: FoodinmouthThere’s a particular ice cream vendor right outside Ngee Ann City (It’s near to the traffic light crossing towards Paragon shopping centre) selling Melon-flavoured ice cream. The melon flavour is unique to this particular cart. Remember to have tissues ready as eating these can be quite a messy situation, but the experience is definitely worth it! 

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