Satisfying that Sweet Tooth – Desserts in Carousel

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Have a penchant for the sweet things in life? Then a meal will never be complete without desserts to satisfy your guilty pleasures.

Imagine those decadent cakes and pastries…rich, creamy, and tarty…occasionally submerged in gooey sauces loaded with spoonful of sugary goodness. Yummy…Though sinful, desserts make great mood boosters from the intense sugar rush, while delivering to you the absolute sweetness in life.

Here at Carousel, our pâtissiers serve up THREE GLORIOUS COUNTERS of goodies to our guests’ delight, from warm chocolate pudding to a healthier-choice of soft serve yoghurt, these are some of which that are most popular!

Disclaimer: Desserts are available on rotational basis.

Crème brûlée

A classic French dessert, we often have guests requesting our associates for more crème brûlée (pronounced “krem broo-lay”), and it is easy to understand why is this so! Essentially a hot hardy layer of burned sugar sitting atop cool and smooth vanilla custard, the symphony of contrasting textures tantalises your tastebuds and leaves you desiring for more.

Creme Brulee

Although made from easy to reach ingredients such as cream, egg yolk and sugar, a très bien dish of crème brûlée craves for lots of delicate attention from our pâtissiers throughout the preparation process. A lot of effort right there… no surprise therefore, that the French classic is a crowd pleaser.

Soft Serve Yoghurt

For those who are looking to ease their excessive guilt from the earlier binge eating session, you may turn to the soft-serve yoghurt. It should bring you a little comfort!


Containing probiotics which is good on the tummy, this hearty bowl of yoghurt comes in two different flavours: Green Tea and Plain. After swirling your yoghurt portion, you have the option to dress your yoghurt with a hodgepodge of cereals that are contained in bowls by the side.

Yoghurt condiment

Chocolate Pudding

When you are at the Chocolate Pudding counter, be sure to scoop yourself a serving and do not think twice. This intense chocolate treat is immensely satisfying. The fudgy centre screams indulgence as the rich chocolate lava oozing out is almost a reminiscent of a warm fuzzy hot chocolate; what could be better than this?

Chocolate Pudding

And adding a dollop of ice cream by the side would probably be the purrrrrrfect ending!

Rose Flavoured Fondue

A concoction of Rose syrup and white chocolate, I present you the Rose Fondue.


Liken to a popular local drink – Bandung, the Rose Fondue will please many with its floral, sweet and refreshing taste. As you take a bite into the coated marshmallows or condiments, you will be surprised by how such complex flavours could fuse so softly together, resulting in a beautiful marriage in your mouth…

Fondue's condiment

Mini Cakes

Our wide selection of mini cakes is displayed on a rotational basis, with the likes of Salted Caramel Double Chocolate Cake, Marquise, Apple Caramel Gâteau, Strawberry Mousse with Lychee Jelly and Oreo Green Tea Delice. As delicious as they are, you will be pleased to know some of these cakes are also available as whole cakes for takeaways.


So, if someone’s birthday is coming along, feel free to drop an email or call Carousel to request an order. Give them at least a week’s notice though, so that they can have sufficient time to prepare the cakes with tender loving care!

Our star – Bread & Butter pudding

Mhmm, the Bread & Butter pudding is THE highlight at Carousel. It will be outrageous to leave Carousel without ever tasting it. The classic vanilla sauce (made from real vanilla beans, mind you) doused over the pudding is a real charmer that you will attempt to devour every morsel of it off your plate.


Available at all our meal periods, the Bread & Butter pudding is baked fresh daily in our pastry kitchen to serve the freshest, and believe me, we have served over 192.4km of this delight, and have also been adjudicated by the Singapore Book of Records when we made Singapore’s Longest Bread & Butter Pudding.

Don’t doubt it; we HAVE that much experience in baking the best!

Are you craving for some sweet treats now? Book now to reserve your seats at Carousel to catch them all!

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