Starting your morning right with breakfast at Carousel

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This week, we’re talking about the best thing to wake up to when you’re staying with us.Yes, you guessed it. Breakfast at Carousel!This is definitely something not to be missed when you’re staying with us at Royal Plaza on Scotts (RP) – after all, “eat breakfast like a king” is a widely-known saying that we are all happy to adhere to when dining at Carousel.Cafe Vienna with chefIf you recognise this restaurant, you’ve definitely been with RP before we were named RP! This is Café Vienna, back in the day before Carousel was born.Here we are now:F&B - Carousel, Royal Plaza on ScottsCarousel has come a long way after being voted the Best Buffet Restaurant in Singapore by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards for 6 consecutive years, and is now the only restaurant inducted into the award’s Hall of Fame.  Plus, all the delicious food on display, regardless of meal period, is prepared in halal-certified kitchens.Moving on, here are the answers (and yes, photos with some real tummy-rumbling potential) to some of the most frequently asked questions by our dear diners at breakfast.
  1. Which is the most popular dish?
The answer to this question may differ depending on the meal period; especially since we do get many seafood lovers, but Carousel’s signature dish is definitely the one available throughout all four meal periods.Bread and Butter Pudding, Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts The Bread and Butter Pudding.Some of you may recall us being entered in to the Singapore Book of Records for making Singapore’s longest Bread & Butter Pudding (more on that here), and this dish continues to fascinate our diners and guests. Enjoyed best with a dash of vanilla sauce, this dish works as both an appetiser and a dessert!Or, perhaps, sometimes both.
  1. Where do I start?
It’s a large buffet spread. You’ve barely woken up. Here’s a quick guide through Carousel for you to decide where to begin!Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, CroissantsIf you’re not used to having a heavy breakfast, you’ll want to start with something light. Pastries are a great way to go, with a glass of juice to go along. Our croissants are made slightly smaller, too, so don’t worry about getting full too fast if you help yourself to a couple.Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Omelette cookingOoh, eggs! A great way to warm up your stomach, literally, as the chef at the omelette station will gladly make them to order. Choose from a variety of ingredients to spice up your omelette and this plate of piping hot yellow goodness is bound to start your morning right.Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Omelette FinalVoila!Oh, and no, we have not forgotten the kids – if they’re a little intimidated by the new environment and are looking for something familiar, we’ve got a little cereal corner too. You’ll find familiar options like koko krunch and froot loops on most days, but we’ve got healthier alternatives too.Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Cereal BarNow that you’re warmed up, you can ready yourself for the savoury delights over at the Asian counter. Here’s a tiny preview:Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Asian StationCarousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Fried Bee HoonYou’re welcome.
  1. Where is the coffee?
You do have a personal Nespresso coffee machine in your room, but some of us really need our dose of caffeine during breakfast to do this right – and Carousel welcomes walk-in diners who are not yet staying in the hotel! You’ll find specialised coffee machines in Carousel at three corners of the restaurant, and all offer various options from Mocha and Cappuccino to Hot Chocolate and Latte.Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - Breakfast Buffet, Specialized Coffee MachineCoffee junkies, you may choose to start here instead.Feeling hungry from all the food in this post? Here’s a quick tip – head over to our Facebook page to find out the theme of this month’s Carousel Photo of the Month. Upload your Instagram-worthy photos and stand a chance to win a weekday high tea for two at Carousel.Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts - PancakesDon’t forget to hashtag your photos with #CarouselPOTM – have fun! 
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