Top four things to look forward to this Christmas in the Tropics

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We’re in the middle of November right now, which only reminds us of one more thing…Christmas is just around the corner. Hold it right there – panicking about the Christmas presents you haven’t bought your friends and family is strictly reserved for the fourth week in December.Let’s look at a beautiful log cake to start things off.????????????????????????????????????Ah, Carousel’s pastry team has done it again. More on that later!Right now, let’s talk about the top four things we’ve all got to look forward to this Christmas in the tropics.
  1. The beautiful lights in town
Orchard-Road-Lightup-credits-yoursingaporePhoto Credit: YourSingaporeWhile Singapore’s most celebrated Orchard shopping belt is beautiful all year round because of its city lights and bustling atmosphere, it looks almost magical during the festive season. Combine that with the buildings dressed in beautiful decorations to vie for the best-dressed building on Orchard Road and you get a sparkling fairyland when night falls. This stretches for 2.2km from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura.Not just that – there will be street performances along Orchard Road during the festive period, creating a bustling and sparkling carnival atmosphere. Don’t forget to look out for the giant Christmas trees in Ngee Ann City and ION Orchard – decorations and light-ups are even likely to spread to Chinatown and Little India precincts, too!????????????????????????????????????Photo Credit: CapitaLandAlso, as with every festive season, shopping! Even the aisles of the beautiful shopping malls are beautifully decorated, which makes the shopping experience even more special. Not that we need a reason to shop in Orchard.
  1. We still get a “Christmas Wonderland”
If you haven’t seen the circulating photos of the Christmas Wonderland that is coming to Gardens by the Bay, we’re here to tell you about it.Christmas-wonderland-gardensbythebay-credits straits times Photo Credit: The Straits TimesThis beautiful light-up is more than just a lovely sight. Activities and markets are going to be set-up – think ice-skating in the middle of the towering trees, making snowmen and snow angels at a playground, shopping at an European style festive market – all in a beautifully-lit atmosphere.Slide and Carousel at Christmas Wonderland credits Photo Credit: SuperadrianmeEntrance to the area is free, but separate admission fees are required for the funfair rides. That’s right, amidst the game stalls and carnival festivities, there are also funfair rides! Expect a 14m-tall Helter-Skelter slide (popular in Europe’s Christmas fairs), a vintage Carousel and a swinging chair ride.Christmas-Wonderland-Overview-at-Gardens-by-the-Bay Photo Credit: Gardens by the BayWe’re getting excited just writing about these! More attractions include the Santa’s cottage and Christmas Toyland – it’s definitely going to be magical both for the kids and the adults. Don’t miss it! Admission is free from 27th Nov to 3rd Jan next year, although additional fees may apply for certain attractions and rides.
  1. The first and only boat light parade in Singapore
You heard right! The first and only boat light parade in Singapore is being held on 20 and 21 Nov at ONE˚15 Marina Club – that’s Friday night, and it’s not too late to make plans.boat-show-singapore-credits expat living Photo Credit: Expat LivingIf you’re wondering what this is all about, the Christmas Boat Light Parade is a stunning display of Christmas-lighted themed boats sailing towards Sentosa Boardwalk on both nights. The boats sail at around 7.45pm on both nights, so don’t miss it if you’re popping by.Sentosa-Boardwalk-Night-Credits-Joel-Tan Photo Credit: Joel TanThese boats are all part of an effort to win the top prize of “Best Show”. Expect the marina to be filled with lights and colours – the beautiful epitome of a tropical Christmas on the water.
  1. The Christmassy food and traditions
We’ve saved one of the best for last. In a country where the classic greeting is to ask the other if he or she has eaten, Singapore clearly places emphasis and importance on food.????????????????????????????????????Look at this joyful spread. It is indeed a blessing to be able to enjoy such lovely food during the festive season – think turkey, pudding, log cakes and so much more!????????????????????????????????????This homemade German Dresden Stollen, for example, has clearly Stollen our hearts.Of course, Christmas is also a time for warm family gatherings and traditions – although it is slightly different in the tropics. For starters, there is no need to gather around a fireplace while toasting marshmallows – Singapore is way too hot for that. We would probably have to recreate the scenario in an air-conditioned living room.*nervous laughter*On another note, some companies in Singapore have taken on the tradition to order a Christmas feast for the office on Christmas Eve – and this, of course, is very well-received by Singaporeans, who love the happiness that such a joyous occasion brings… along with the food.????????????????????????????????????Psst… all this delicious food is available on Gourmet Carousel’s Christmas menu! If we’ve made you hungry in this post… you know where to go.The traditions extend to games that can be played at work, at home or with friends. The game Angel and Mortal used to be an ice-breaking game played in schools, but can easily take on a festive twist. The game is similar to Secret Santa, in that every person is assigned someone to take care of, and eventually buy a gift for. No one knows who their “Santa” or “Angel” is, until all is revealed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.????????????????????????????????????Call us old-fashioned, but we still think the traditional games are classic. It is still a great bonding activity and acts as a great lead-up to the festive celebration.We may not have real snow and winter here, but it looks like Christmas in the tropics is just as special after all.Singapore Hotel View Offers
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