Traditional Desserts in Singapore

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A meal is never complete without desserts.Do you agree? Singapore has been a dessert haven for years!  Have you seen the selection of desserts we have here at our hawker centres, food courts or even dessert specialty stores? They are such unpretentious dessert that everyone can easily appreciate, and are rich and distinct in flavour - a great reflection of their cultural origins.Here are some popular ones that have made it to our list!
  •  Pulut Hitam
thermomix-pulut-hitam-cr-iron-chef-shelliePhoto Credit: Iron Chef ShellieMade from black glutinous rice porridge, this is one black gooey mess that is oh-so-delicious and consistently chewy! Boiled with pandan leaves and a pinch of salt, the subtle fragrance coming off this hot pipping bowl of dessert is further enhanced with a dollop of aromatic coconut milk as a finishing touch. 
  • Cendol
chendol-cr-roses-kitchenettePhoto Credit: Roses KitchenetteSimilar to most desserts in Southeast Asia, you often find similar ingredients used – coconut cream and pandan leaves.Gula Melaka is used which gives the refreshing dessert a natural caramel flavour and you will be surprised to find lots of treats within this bowl of sweet treat such as red beans, atapchi (Atap fruit found on Nipah Palm) and the highlight of the cendol which is the green jelly made from pandan extract. 
  • Orh Nee
orh-nee-cr-where-my-tummy-comes-fromPhoto Credit: Where My Tummy Comes FromOrh Nee is yam paste in Teochew dialect.  This oily, sticky and deliciously sweet Orh Nee is a must-have to round up an authentic Teochew meal.Originally made with Pork Lard, most Orh Nee in modern restaurants and stores have now swapped it for the healthier choice, vegetable oil. An excellent Orh Nee is when a yam is mashed till a very fine texture, revealing a velvety smooth paste that melts in your mouth, and is served with coconut milk, smashed pumpkins, and gingko nuts, which enhances the texture, sweetness and aroma. 
  • Cheng Tng
cheng-tng-cr-pinkypigguPhoto Credit: PinkypigguServed in a bowl of wholesome goodness, you will find a mishmash of ingredients like dried longan, white fungus, gingko, dried persimmon, winter melon, glutinous ball, malva nuts and sweet potato soaked in either hot or cold sweet soup. Containing beneficial properties, a bowl of Cheng Tng is a refreshing thirst quencher in humid Singapore. 
  • Bur Bur Cha Cha
bobo-cha-cha-cr-fukien-chawPhoto Credit: Fukien ChawA myriad of colours drowned in a milky white soup, this is the popular Bur Bur Cha Cha! Th sweet soup is rich in coconut flavour and you will typically find lots of healthy ingredients such as sweet potatoes in three different colours (yellow, orange, and purple colour) and yam. This dish can be served either cold or hot. 
  • Tau Suan
tau-suan-cr-hungry-islandPhoto Credit: Hungry IslandTau Suan is a popular Chinese dessert soup made out of mung beans, and mung beans are believed to be really healthy for the body as it reduces heatiness! So if you feel like you binged on too much fried food, this should be a good alternative to cool off!While this is sweet, you can dunk youtiao (fried dough fitters) in to balance out the sweetness with saltiness, and for some chewy and crunchy texture! 

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