Where To Do Water Sports In Singapore?

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Not only are we well-endowed with water around our city state, we also have an abundance of water reserves. You’ll be surprised by how much our perpetually sunny Singapore has to offer when it comes to water sports. It is a haven for water sports lovers!Here’s a laydown of water activities for YOU to check out…Sentosa
  • Jetlev (Water-Propelled Jetpack)
Strapped on to a “backpack” that connects you to a small motorboat armed with a massive water pump, I would say this is the most thrilling activity of the lot. (Oh, water skiing is so passé!) Not for the weak, the water pump catapults you right up into the sky as you do your flips and turns, albeit for a little short while unless you have learnt the art of controlling it.

Photo Credit: Adventurefaktory

  • Banana Boat
The Banana Boat is an unmistakable activity you often see along the coast if you happen to be by the beach. It is essentially two banana-looking floats joined together. A much milder ride as compared to the Jetlev, this is a game for all. All you need to do is to stay seated on the “Bananas”, hold on tight to the handles attached, and enjoy the wind in your hair as you ride your way across the sea.banana-boat-cr-photobucket-dxscorpioPhoto Credit: Photobucket|dxscorpio 

 These activities above can be found here:

SeaBreeze Water-Sports Pte. Ltd. @ Wave House Sentosa

36 Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Singapore 099007

Tel: +65 6375 4336

Nearest Station: Harbourfront Station – 6 MRT stops away from Royal Plaza on Scotts (Orchard Station)

  •  Surf
Although Singapore is surrounded by sea, it doesn’t necessarily make waves big enough for surfing. But do not worry; Wave House Sentosa is here! They have created their very own 21st Century’s “waves” from sheet waves that pump water at high speeds over specially designed walls that allows the generation of barrelling and smooth waves.Choose either The Double Flowrider or The Flow Barrel! The former is ideal for beginners as water flows at a relatively manageable speed of 32km/h, while the latter is challenging enough for experienced surfers as water flows as fast as 48km/h and is said to be similar to waves on the famed beaches of Indonesia.wave_house_sentosa-cr-sg-magazinePhoto Credit: SG Magazine

 Wave House Sentosa

36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa

Singapore 099007

Tel: +65 6238 1196

Nearest Station: Harbourfront Station – 6 MRT stops away from Royal Plaza on Scotts (Orchard Station)

 East Coast Park
  • Singapore Wake Park
Singapore Wake Park is located in the nation’s first cable ski park. Yet to open, Singapore Wake Up boasts an array of cable-skiing activities from beginners to advanced skiers. For freshies, get a first time experience of Cable-skiing with the beginners-friendly System 2.0, while the advanced skiers can flaunt some skills manoeuvring through obstacles in the Sesitec’s state of the art Full Size System.Follow their Facebook page to have the first dips on their opening dates!cable-skiing-singapore-tourist-infoPhoto Credit: Singapore Tourist Info

 Singapore Wake Park

1206A East Coast Parkway,

Singapore 449891

Tel: +65 6636 4266

Nearest Station: Bedok Station – 18 minutes drive away from Royal Plaza on Scotts

Pasir Ris Park
  • Stand-up Paddle (SUP) Yoga
SUP yoga, a unique combination of both yoga and paddle boarding, brings you a short distance from the shore as you move in rhythm with the gentle current of the sea. This is one activity that shines out from your typical yoga!sup-yoga-22experiencePhoto Credit: 22Experience

 Ohana Beach House

131 Pasir Ris Beach Park

Singapore 519148

Nearest Station: Pasir Ris Station – 25 mins drive away from Royal Plaza on Scotts

Outlying Island|Pulau Ubin
  • Mangrove Swamp kayaking
Game for adventures or simply have an appreciation for Mother Nature? Take a trip down to Pulau Ubin, one of the idyllic island off mainland Singapore. Kayak through the tranquil calm waters of the mangrove swamps in a 4-hour expedition while you accompanying guide share with you some insightful information about the ecosystems that thrive on the island.A quick tip – be on the lookout for unique species of birds such as the Kingfishers, Eagles, Hornbills, Herons and Egrets!mangrove-kayaking-cr-tripadvisorPhoto Credit: Tripadvisor

Asian Detours Pte. Ltd.

Tel: +65 6733 2282

Website: http://adventures.asiandetours.com/


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